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Why you should choose us?

At Activate Fire Safety Inc. we provide same-day onsite preventative maintenance that utilizes a series of thorough on-site inspections and informational advisories, and our services are guaranteed. You can save 30% on your annual fire maintenance budget while still receiving guaranteed priority service with our Priority Customer agreement.

Barcode Technology

  • Faster Inspections
  • Time Date Stamp
  • Reduced Liability
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Guaranteed Inspection
  • History At Your Fingertips
  • 3rd Party Verifications
  • Code Compliant

On-site Inspections & Maintenance

  • We Inspect All Equipment
  • Same Day On-site Service
  • 30% Savings
  • Fully Stocked Inspection Truck(s)


  • Digital Reporting
  • We create / implement technology increasing the life span of your extinguishers


  • We value your time
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Workmanship Guarantee
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Our Services

Activate Fire Safety Inc. can inspect all fire assets as per current Alberta fire codes and related NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards and codes. We use a unique barcode technology that provides a Time & Date stamp, indicating when your equipment was inspected and allows us to identify your failed equipment within minutes of our completed inspection.

The owners and operators of industrial plants, shopping centers, universities, hospitals, and similar large, complex facilities have a significant investment in fire protection systems and equipment. Fortunately, this hardware is seldom called upon to perform the job for which it was provided. However, when needed, it must perform flawlessly – often to keep a small problem from becoming a disaster.

A well conceived Fire Asset Preventative Maintenance program is essential for maintaining the functionality of fire protection systems and equipment. With the use of electronic fire inspection service reports, time & date stamping, and the use of Alberta Fire Code & NFPA standards and codes we can easily maintain your fire assets and ensure that our inspections will meet with your approval when your equipment is required to safeguard your clients, staff, and property(s).

Call on us if your interested on how to do inspections on fire sprinklers and installing fire sprinkler head escuteons, or your concerned about why is my fire alarm beeping, testing and maintenance procedures for fire pump system, office building general fire and safety building checklist, in need of a fire hydrant checklist, free backflow video identifying a typical back flow preventer installation, standard for mounting fire extinguishers or require your portable fire extinguisher inspection signed and date, or your questioning fire prevention frequency of fire inspections.

We provide all the fire inspection services you may require for your facility. We utilize a flat rate system which ensures that our inspector(s) know how to inspect and maintain your fire assets guaranteed. If your fire extinguisher requires services beyond the annual inspection - we shall provide that service same day whilst onsite (no scratched up loaners), if your fire alarm inspection fails due to a faulty smoke detector - replaced same day. Emergency lighting needs a new battery or light bulb - replaced same day. Backflow inspection fails - repaired same day.

Why pay additional service charges for multiple tradesmen who arrive at different schedules, or for equipment that has to be serviced off site or exchange your brand new extinguisher purchased 6 years ago with someone else's scratched up extinguisher?

You take pride in having a clean, safe, well cared for facility - utilize our services and save 30% compared to using competitive services.