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Your Building Tells A Fire Prevention Story - Let Us Simplify It

Activate Fire Safety started providing fire extinguisher inspection and mobile maintenance services throughout Alberta in August of 2004. Over these many years, we have listened to our clients and they are tired of having numerous contractors provide different fire safety inspection services when it meets their contractors' scheduling requirements.

Your building was built and designed to work - that was the story that it told right from the very beginning.

But over the years, different contractors have inspected your building's fire safety equipment. Company #1 provides the fire alarm inspection; they may use a subtrade, Company #2, that inspects the fire sprinkler system. Company #1 contacts Company #3 to inspect your fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Company #4 is contacted to provide the Fire Hydrant Inspection, and the list goes on.

These contractors inspect your equipment when it meets their schedule. When they find deficiencies, they rush back to their office and send a detailed report listing deficiencies for future service work and more driving time. This all adds up to numerous site fees, man hours, and equipment costs. Now your building is telling a different story that is hard to understand!

Is it still telling the same story as it did when it was built / designed?
Is it fire safety compliant?
Do you have any deficiencies? Have all the deficiencies been identified?
What are my costs next year going to be?
At Activate Fire Safety we simplify your building's story by offering a diversified service offering - everything you need from one company, kept track in one place, and addressed immediately.

Full Fire Services

Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance

  • Smoke alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Pull stations
  • Waterflow switch

Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Maintenance

  • Backflow / cross-connection testing
  • Fire hydrant inspection / maintenance
  • Drafting hydrant flow testing
  • Fire pump inspection / maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Onsite Maintenance

  • Includes fire hose inspection / maintenance

Emergency Lighting Inspections and Maintenance

Fire Suppression System / Kitchen Inspections and Maintenance

First Aid / Eye Wash Station Inspections and Maintenance

Fire Safety Plans

Fire Truck Birthday Parties

Simplify Your Story With Predictive Maintenance

Fire Systems are designed to talk to each other. The fire alarm control panel (FACP) monitors your fire alarm and sprinkler system, and even your fire suppression system and HVAC system will talk to your FACP. When a component fails, your fire alarm system will notify you or your monitoring company, who then informs the fire department of the issue at hand. Fire trucks start to roll - and fire trucks are costly.

The fire department wants your systems to be fully operational. They will threaten you to have these systems back online quickly or face a dire response.

When we initially inspect your building, our inspector applies a barcode label to each device capturing its make, model, serial number, location, and if possible its service history. Then we move onto the next device. Our inspector will inspect your fire alarm system and sprinkler system at the same time. He examines sprinkler heads (are they positioned correctly, are the escutcheons missing, are they painted?). He will count the number of turns your control valve takes to close it fully and then to open it back up while ensuring the valve stem tamper sounds the trouble signal on the FACP. The list goes on. Each component must work with each other and send a response to the FACP.

If there is a deficiency, we identify what the deficiency is along with a corrective action. At the end of our inspection, we then address the deficiencies and correct them on the spot.

When we find a deficiency, we like to address it the same day. Our stocked truck has replacement fire alarm and sprinkler components, batteries of various sizes, extensive backflow repair kits, and fire extinguisher powder along with valve stems, springs, and o-rings.

Why race back to the office to have your administrative staff comprehend your notes and compile an inspection report, only to then identify three weeks later that those deficiencies exist?

If your fire equipment has a deficiency, we at Activate Fire Safety will provide the repair service the same day. A broken rod on your fire alarm pull station - replaced the same day.  A failed fire extinguisher requires a six-year internal inspection - completed the same day. Your back-flow is leaking - it's removed from service, cleaned and retested, all on the same day. Emergency exit signs need a new bulb - replaced the same day.

After all, your fire safety equipment was designed to be inspected and maintained quickly.

Activate Fire Safety inspectors all have current certifications to inspect and maintain all the services listed above.

We utilize a flat rate system rather than hourly service offerings. This system offers you price advantages - our inspectors can quickly and efficiently service your equipment, and if we fail or run into issues with your equipment, we are not adding precious man hours. As a single, all-encompassing contractor with readily available replacement parts, we can significantly shrink your fire safety costs.

Once Activate Fire Safety conducts your inspection, your fire safety system will tell a different story: a story where all your fire systems are in working order, properly serviced and maintained on the day of inspection, with reduced costs.

What story does your building tell - one of a sad building, or a happy one?

Call us today to start writing your new fire safety story!