We Offer Installation, Repair, Maintenance and Inspection of All Types of Fire Alarms, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, New and Old, for All of Your Residential, Commercial and Industrial Needs

Whether your building is old or new, whether it requires retrofitting or has a state-of-the-art system, we know how to handle your fire safety needs and offer the latest state of the art fire safety equipment.

Based On Local Fire Codes and Your Budget, We Will Work with You, to Determine YOUR Perfect Testing Schedule

While experts recommend a comprehensive fire alarm inspection and test be performed at least once per year we will work with you and schedule inspections and maintenance based on local fire codes and your budget.

During our comprehensive examinations, we will:

  • Test smoke detectors, alarms, pull stations and flow switches for proper functioning
  • Ensure each device is securely fastened, clean, and free of obstructions
  • Check each device for any signs of physical damage or wear
  • Check the electrical wiring in each device, replace batteries, and ensure there has been no battery corrosion
  • Check your standby power supply to ensure your building remains fire-safe during a power outage
  • Inspect your control panel and ensure each device is connected and controlled properly
  • Ensure that your fire monitoring company is receiving alerts and prepared to respond accordingly
  • Record detailed and digitized inspection reports
  • And more!

Our 24/7 Service and Regular Inspections Will Keep Your Building Fire-Safe While Avoiding Costly False Alarms and Keeping Your Expenses Lower

Working fire alarm systems are the backbone to a fire-safe home and workplace. Your life is irreplaceable, and your property is valuable – you want to be prepared to respond to fires as quickly and calmly as possible. False alarms are costly and slow responses could endanger your life. That’s why, here at Activate Fire Safety, we consider regular and thorough inspections one of our most important offerings.

All of Our Fire Safety Experts are Owner Operators Who Have The Skills and Necessary Experience for Comprehensive Fire Code Compliance

When you call us, you can rest assured you’ll be speaking to someone who knows what they’re talking about. Each of our locations is owned and operated by a franchisee with sterling credentials, a vested interest in the business, and an experienced team prepared to keep you safe. We leave no room for doubt - our fire safety experts are meticulous in their work and will ensure your building adheres to all local building and fire codes. Every member of the team is trained and experienced with residential, commercial, and industrial work.

Our Fully Stocked Service Trucks Ensure Quick Inspection & Compliance Thereby Avoiding Long, Frustrating Inspections and Potential Danger

We quickly identify deficiencies and address them immediately with our large inventory of replacement parts on each truck. We can quickly replace smoke alarms and detectors, carbon monoxide alarms and detectors, pull stations, waterflow switches and more, checking every component in the system for perfect operation.

We Offer the Most Comprehensive, Detailed Digital Reporting in the Industry

These tests will ensure your building remains in compliance with all local regulations and will help identify issues that may compromise the system. We keep stringent records of our work so you will always know when your fire alarms were last inspected and what services were done.

Our “One Stop Fire Sale” Service Offering Will Save You Up to 30%

Depending on the size of your building, inspections and maintenance of all of your fire safety needs could take multiple days. When you commit to our “One Stop Fire Sale” service offering, you pay a flat rate, can trust that our professional inspectors will do the job without wasting your time or compromising on thoroughness and ultimately save up to 30% on your fire safety needs.

Juggling multiple contractors and dealing with frequent, erratic inspections is a hassle. While growing our business, we listened to our clients and learned that relying on multiple contractors for their safety was inconvenient and expensive. Our clients wanted a single group they knew and trusted to handle their inspections – that’s why we decided to become all-in-one fire safety experts. During this process, we realized we could apply our existing knowledge and protocols to another facet of your workplace safety: first aid. First aid kits, medical stations, and eye wash stations are often found in buildings which require strict fire safety measures, and often stocked close to the fire safety supplies, making the efficiency gains obvious.

From start to finish, our fire alarm inspections will keep you and your building secure affordably. Call us today to schedule your first inspection.