80% of Fires are Put Out Without the Need to Call the Fire Department So We Make Sure to Keep Your Fire Extinguishers And Fire Suppressants In Working Order with Regular Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Onsite Maintenance

Sprinklers and automated suppression systems can save lives during a fire, but you never want to rely solely on machines – you want the power to manually suppress a fire during emergencies. Studies have shown that fire extinguishers are a very effective tool at extinguishing small fires without needing to call the fire department: approximately 80% of fire incidents where an extinguisher is present and in working condition end with the fire being put out, often without the involvement of the local fire department. By relying on us to keep your fire extinguishers well-maintained, you give yourself the chance to be among those 80% who had an extinguisher at the ready and avoided the worst-case scenario.


Our Fully Stocked Maintenance Trucks Have All the Tools, Parts and Equipment That We Need To Identify and Fix Your Problem As Quickly As Possible

Our fully stocked inspection trucks come with everything we need to identify and fix problems with your fire extinguishers on-site, same day, to ensure you’re fully prepared for any emergency.


We Will Make Sure You Meet or Exceed Every Standard and Then Find a Comprehensive Schedule That Works for You, to  Keep Your Fire Extinguishers Up to Date

Once the issue is fixed, we will work with you to schedule future inspections and maintenance, ensuring you have access to quick and cost-effective service again whenever you need it.


Our Licensed, Fully-Credentialed, Highly Trained, Hand-Selected and Franchised Owners Do It All, Including Internal Maintenance and Hydrostatic Testing

Many businesses will place one of their own employees in charge of monthly fire extinguisher inspections, which seems efficient when the extinguishers are working – but what happens when a problem is identified? You don’t want to be caught without a working extinguisher in a time of crisis – you want the issue handled immediately.

Fire extinguishers can be surprisingly complex to maintain. While basic monthly inspections can be done by anyone with the proper training, the common NFPA10 Standard requires detailed inspections and maintenance work that can only be done by certified professionals. This includes:

  • Full external inspections and maintenance work, performed yearly or whenever an issue is identified in monthly inspections
  • Full internal maintenance, performed once every 1-6 years depending on the extinguisher
  • Hydrostatic testing, performed once every 5-12 years depending on the extinguisher
  • Detailed recordkeeping for each procedure, including verification-of-service collars and/or tester ID no. stamps

These maintenance procedures can be complicated. Hydrostatic testing can be an especially dangerous procedure, as it involves stripping the extinguisher to its base components and filling it with pressurized water. You want a fire safety team you can trust to perform these procedures with care and expertise.

At Activate Fire Safety, we have the credentials to perform all these inspections and maintenance procedures. With a single team handling every step and collating your records in one place, we will save you time and money without compromising on your safety.


We Offer Some of the Most Detailed Digital Reporting in the Industry

Our record-keeping and comprehensive checklists will ensure nothing is missed during your inspection, and you will know exactly what’s been done and:

  • Where to locate your fire extinguishers for maximum accessibility
  • How to handle your extinguisher and keep its parts free of obstruction
  • How to keep your extinguisher charged
  • What to do to avoid cracks, dents, dust, and other performance-hindering issues


Our “One Stop Fire Sale” Service Offering Will Save You Up to 30%

Depending on the size of your building, inspections and maintenance of all of your fire safety needs could take multiple days. When you commit to our “One Stop Fire Sale” service offering, you pay a flat rate, can trust that our professional inspectors will do the job without wasting your time or compromising on thoroughness and ultimately save up to 30% on your fire safety needs.

Juggling multiple contractors and dealing with frequent, erratic inspections is a hassle. While growing our business, we listened to our clients and learned that relying on multiple contractors for their safety was inconvenient and expensive. Our clients wanted a single group they knew and trusted to handle their inspections – that’s why we decided to become all-in-one fire safety experts. During this process, we realized we could apply our existing knowledge and protocols to another facet of your workplace safety: first aid. First aid kits, medical stations, and eye wash stations are often found in buildings which require strict fire safety measures, and often stocked close to the fire safety supplies, making the efficiency gains obvious.

Call us today to schedule an inspection, request prompt maintenance, or ask us any questions you might have about keeping your fire extinguishers emergency-ready.