Activate Fire Safety Plans And Emergency Escape Route Planning

While Fires Have the Highest Casualty Rate of Workplace Accidents, Comprehensive Fire Escape Planning with Our Fire Safety Plans Will Increase Everyone's Likelihood of Survival

Preparedness is the key to averting casualties and damage in the event of a fire. Contrary to popular belief, multiple studies have suggested that panic in the event of a fire is rare. People caught in a burning building usually behave in a rational manner – and this means a comprehensive plan is actually more necessary than you might think. If you and your family, employees, or coworkers are properly trained and have a well-designed emergency escape plan to follow, you can trust in your ability to remember and follow the plan, increasing your likelihood of survival.


Activate Fire Safety Offers the Most Comprehensive Plans Whether Your Building is New or Old, Large or Small

Whether your building is new and requires a plan for the first time, or you are relying on an old, outdated plan that you want to replace, we are fully prepared to prepare you for the worst. An emergency can strike at any time, in any place; from busy businesses to sprawling mansions to the smallest apartment building, everyone wants to know that they will have a complete and comprehensive plan for their protection.


Health And Safety Expertise You Can Trust For Workplace Safety Compliance Performed by Licensed, Fully-Credentialed, Highly Trained Professionals, Hand-Selected BY Franchised Owner-Operators to Design Your Fire-Safety Plan

Here at Activate, we are invested in your well-being and want to get to know you. Each of our locations is owned and operated by a professional hand-picked for their care and expertise. We don't want to treat you like just another client – we want to build a relationship and long-term business partnership. Whether you are calling us for the first time or you've worked with us for years, you can trust us to thoroughly answer all your questions and make sure your fire safety plan is fully comprehensive, including:

  • A full suite of emergency procedures for all circumstances, outlining how to activate the fire alarm system; who to notify; where to evacuate and how to help others evacuate; where to find and how to utilize fire suppression systems
  • A floor plan marked with all the essential information for emergencies, such as the exact location of all fire exits, fire extinguishers, first-aid stations, power supplies, water supplies, your emergency meeting place, and more
  • Full planning for escape routes that minimize risk and offer a maximized chance of escaping unharmed
  • Household fire planning: where to install smoke alarms, how to keep your smoke alarm in working order, how to design your sleeping area to make sudden escapes easier, how to keep your pets safe during a home fire, how to assist family members in need, and more
  • Information about when and how a fire drill will be conducted
  • Full training and instructions for staff with fire safety duties
  • How to prevent and control fire hazards, with information tailored to your specific building and needs
  • Tips for ensuring that your local fire department and other first responders have easy, efficient access to potential fire locations
  • Detailed inspection and maintenance procedures for fire safety systems, including schedules for our experts to perform regular checks


We Make Your Building Fire Safe And Keep It That Way

We pride ourselves on our all-in-one service. Many building owners find themselves relying on multiple contractors to handle all their fire protection needs, which leads to inefficient and costly services. But here at Activate Fire Safety, we're ready to handle everything. We won't stop once your fire safety plan has been prepared – we will actively inspect your entire building to ensure every piece of the plan is functioning properly. Each of our employees is trained in common fire protection standards and certified to do their work, so we'll be certain that your building meets all local fire codes and our own exacting standard. Once our work is finished, you will have access to a digital report which you can review to see what was done and when.


Our “One Stop Fire Sale” Service Offering Will Save You Up to 30%

Depending on the size of your building, inspections and maintenance of all of your fire safety needs could take multiple days. When you commit to our “One Stop Fire Sale” service offering, you pay a flat rate, can trust that our professional inspectors will do the job without wasting your time or compromising on thoroughness and ultimately save up to 30% on your fire safety needs.

Juggling multiple contractors and dealing with frequent, erratic inspections is a hassle. While growing our business, we listened to our clients and learned that relying on multiple contractors was inconvenient and expensive. Our clients wanted a single group they knew and trusted to handle their inspections – that's why we decided to become all-in-one fire safety experts. During this process, we realized we could apply our existing knowledge and protocols to another facet of your workplace safety: first aid. First aid kits, medical stations, and eye wash stations are often found in buildings which require strict fire protection measures, and often stocked close to the fire safety supplies, making the efficiency gains obvious.


You need a plan for emergencies – call us today to make sure yours is up to par.