We Offer the Latest in Emergency First Aid Kits and Eye Wash Station Equipment, Inspection and Maintenance to Keep Your First Aid Kits and Eyewashing Stations Up to Date

With our reputation for swift and effective work, you know you can rely on us to save you time and money by adding this crucial task to our workload. Depending on your jurisdiction, these requirements can vary, but can include:

  • One or more certified first aid attendants
  • The number and location of first aid kits
  • Availability of emergency transportation
  • Amount, type, and quality of stocked first aid items
  • Regularly scheduled inspection, restocking and maintenance
  • Presence of eye wash stations in areas with chemical risks
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of eye wash stations

Let us take the burden off your shoulders by handling the inspection and maintenance of these critical items, so you don’t have to.


Health And Safety Expertise You Can Trust For Workplace Safety Compliance Performed by Licensed, Fully-Credentialed, Highly Trained, Hand-Selected and Franchised Owner-Operators

Our licensed, certified technicians will install, inspect, and maintain your first aid kits and eye washing stations. At Activate Fire Safety we have decades of experience working with regulations, and each of our handpicked franchise owners have the skills you need to help you navigate your workplace safety requirements and will:

  • Inspect eye wash stations for signs of corrosion and blockages, and fix issues immediately on-site
  • Flush stations and remove bacteria and stagnant water
  • Replace broken or damaged parts
  • Cleanse your eye wash stations thoroughly
  • Ensure your station meets design, temperature, and usage requirements
  • Check that first aid kits and first aid stations are properly placed, signed, and filled to meet all local requirements
  • Perform a full inspection of first aid kits, ensuring contents are clean, dry, and have not expired
  • Create comprehensive digital inspection/maintenance records for your reference and legal security

These services all come alongside our full fire safety inspection and maintenance offerings, ensuring your building is well-prepared for any emergency. With all these services performed by a single contractor, and collated in easy-to-read, easy-to-access digital form, you will never again have to worry about your workplace safety.


Our Stocked Trucks Allow For Same Trip Replacement

Plus, with flat rates for inspections, you can trust our technicians to do their work efficiently and with care. When Activate Fire Safety is done their work, you will know it has been done properly, without wasting your precious time or money.


We Offer Some of the Most Detailed Digital Reporting in the Industry

Our record-keeping and comprehensive checklists will ensure nothing is missed during your inspection, and you will know exactly what’s been done and what to do to avoid performance-hindering issues.


Our “One Stop Fire Sale” Service Offering Will Save You Up to 30%

Depending on the size of your building, inspections and maintenance of all of your fire safety needs could take multiple days. When you commit to our “One Stop Fire Sale” service offering, you pay a flat rate, can trust that our professional inspectors will do the job without wasting your time or compromising on thoroughness and ultimately save up to 30% on your fire safety needs.

Juggling multiple contractors and dealing with frequent, erratic inspections is a hassle. While growing our business, we listened to our clients and learned that relying on multiple contractors for their safety was inconvenient and expensive. Our clients wanted a single group they knew and trusted to handle their inspections – that’s why we decided to become all-in-one fire safety experts. During this process, we realized we could apply our existing knowledge and protocols to another facet of your workplace safety: first aid. First aid kits, medical stations, and eye wash stations are often found in buildings which require strict fire safety measures, and often stocked close to the fire safety supplies, making the efficiency gains obvious.

Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule your first inspection.