Activate Fire Safety Sprinkler System Inspection and Maintenance

Fire Inspection Services and 24/7 Emergency Repair Services That Protect Your Occupants and Your Valuables for All of Your Residential, Commercial and Industrial Needs

Working fire sprinkler systems are your first line of defense against an unexpected fire. Our fire safety experts know that accidents, inclement weather, and forces beyond your control can spark a fire in even the most prepared building – that's why it's so important to have working sprinklers for an immediate response. Sprinklers can douse small fires and control large ones, giving you the vital chance to protect your occupants, your valuables, and your business. With regular inspections and 24/7 emergency repair services, Activate Fire Safety is always at the ready to keep you secure.




Our Licensed, Fully-Credentialed, Highly Trained ‘Owner Operator' Fire Safety Experts Care About You

Whether you need your sprinkler systems updated, inspected, or repaired, you can call us today to see why we have a reputation for efficient, customer-friendly fire protection services. Our licensed, fully-credentialed owners have a team of fire safety professionals ready to directly answer your questions and respond to your fire safety needs. Each of our employees is trained to inspect, repair, and install fire sprinklers no matter what type of building – residential, commercial, or industrial – or what specific fire codes your building must obey. All customers are welcome, and all homes and businesses are available for servicing.


Our Fully Stocked Inspection Trucks Have the Latest Equipment, Tools and Inventory of Parts to Ensure Same-Day Repairs

Our fully stocked inspection trucks come with everything we need to identify and fix problems with your fire sprinkler systems on-site, same day, to ensure you're fully prepared for any emergency. We have a wide array of fire equipment locked and loaded, saving our customers precious time when repairs or replacements are necessary.


We Will Meet or Exceed Every Fire Protection Standard and Find a Comprehensive Schedule That Works for You, and Then Keep You and Your Building Up to Date

Fire codes commonly rely on the NFPA25 Standard, which requires sprinkler inspections of varying complexity, from weekly inspections to once-per-5-year inspections. Quarterly inspections and beyond are to be performed by licensed technicians – and that's where we come in. We'll consult with you to determine when you'd like your inspections scheduled, cross-referencing local fire codes to ensure we meet their compliance minimums while offering you peace of mind and financial stability.


We Offer the Most Precise, Detailed Digital Reporting in the Industry

Our precise record-keeping and comprehensive checklists will ensure nothing is missed during your inspection, and you will know exactly what's been done and why. When we arrive, the sprinkler services we provide will include some or all of the following, based on recommended inspection intervals:

  • Visual inspections for broken, cracked, or otherwise questionable parts on sprinklers, pipework, fittings, and braces
  • Cleaning and lubrication of control valves, deluge valves, and dry-pipe valves
  • Thorough internal examination for obstructed piping and potential future obstructions
  • Backflow/cross-connection testing
  • Drafting hydrant flow testing
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire hydrant and fire pump
  • Testing and inspection of alarm connections and signal devices
  • Ensuring proper signage is present where required
  • Repair or replacement for damaged parts
  • Detailed and digitized inspection reports for your convenience

Every inspection will leave you feeling secure in the knowledge that your fire sprinkler system is working as intended and will be ready to spring into action should an emergency arise.





Our “One Stop Fire Sale” Offering Will Save You Up to 30% On Fire Safety Services

Depending on the size of your building, inspections and maintenance of all of your fire equipment could take multiple days. When you commit to our “One Stop Fire Sale” service offering, you pay a flat rate, can trust that our professional inspectors will do the job without wasting your time or compromising on thoroughness and ultimately save up to 30% on your fire safety needs.

Juggling multiple contractors and dealing with frequent, erratic inspections is a hassle. While growing our business, we listened to our clients and learned that relying on multiple contractors for their safety was inconvenient and expensive. Our clients wanted a single group of employees they knew and trusted to handle their inspections – that's why we decided to become all-in-one fire safety experts. During this process, we realized we could apply our existing knowledge and protocols to another facet of your workplace safety: first aid. First aid kits, medical stations, and eye wash stations are often found in buildings which require strict fire safety measures, and often stocked close to the fire safety supplies, making the efficiency gains obvious.


Full-featured Fire Inspection Services and Repairs for Maximum Safety and Security

In addition to performing sprinkler inspections and repairs, our fire protection services will tackle all of your fire safety needs, including:

  • Fire alarm inspection and maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher and fire equipment inspection
  • Creation of fire safety plans for your building
  • Inspection of fire suppression systems and kitchen facilities
  • First-aid and eye wash station management
Call us today to schedule an inspection and see why Activate Fire Safety has the professional touch you need.