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Activate Fire Safety Inc. has been providing fire equipment inspections throughout Alberta since 2004. From over 12 years up and running, we’ve gained numerous clients who trust us to make the right decisions when it comes to their fire safety. In addition to services offered, we’ve partnered with Building Reports Canada.

Services from Building Reports Canada include their superior reporting, inspection verification, smart compliance, 3rd party verification, online database, online access, data integration, smart colour tags, online backup from Building Reports Canada.

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At Activate Fire Safety Inc. we provide preventative maintenance that utilises a series of thorough on-site inspections and informational advisories, and our services are guaranteed. You can save 30% on your annual fire maintenance budget while still receiving guaranteed priority service with our Priority Customer agreement.

Fire Equipment Specialists
We consider ourselves to be specialists in the fire equipment services industry and pride ourselves on using preventative maintenance trending techniques that are at the cutting edge of the industry. We can identify the types of specialty equipment you’re using, inspect and maintain your fire assets, and work with you on developing an effective plan of action for employees in the event of a fire.

Experience you can trust
Alan Reti, the President of Activate Fire Safety Inc. has extensive experience backed by unbreakable values. Public safety, proper fire equipment inspection, ready to use equipment, and properly mounted equipment are not something to overlook. When you contact Activate Fire Safety Inc., you can be assured that you’ll only deal with a certified technician who knows how to properly inspect all of your equipment.